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Noble Artright was born in Memphis, Tennessee. On the east side of The Great Mississippi River, in the midst of paradox, such as that of bondage and freedom, a stainless steel pyramid would soon emerge at the height of Hip Hop’s Golden Era. The young man who would one day lose his religion and embrace a universal spirituality was blessed by a contrast of circumstances, afforded by the distressing divorce of his parents at the age of 3. Seven years later his mother would send him to the east coast to escape the harshness of Memphis and to mature under the influence of his father, who was a successful engineer. Coming back home for the summers gave him a view from both sides of the tracks. This would later provide the perspective which would make Noble Artright the man he is today.

With the spiritual foundation laid by his mother, who was a preacher, and the opportunities offered by the care and guidance of his father, Noble Artright absorbed the best of both worlds. A proper education taught him to set goals and to strive to attain them. He was able to avoid traps that some of his loved ones back in Tennessee would not be able to escape. Upon graduation from high school in Richmond, Virginia, he set off for Oral Roberts University in Oklahoma with dreams of becoming a minister. Already a Christian rapper, he adopted the stage name Imago Dei, which means “image of God” in Latin.

However, after studying the formation of the church, finding the contradictions in the scriptures, and discovering the beauty in the complexities of life, he began to lose his religion. While discussing his doubts with a respected professor, the professor admitted that it basically came down to him personally choosing to believe. This was a major turning point in Noble‚Äôs spiritual journey. Reassured that his doubts were normal, Noble Artright ultimately decided “not to believe.” Still, he completed his tenure at the University and received a Bachelor’s degree in Theology.

Though he evolved out of religion, Noble still went by Imago Dei for a number of years. But a simple google search of “Imago Dei” magnified the contradictions between his belief and the actual meaning of the self imposed nickname. Outgrowing the “Imago Dei” epithet, he began brainstorming for a new stage name and settled upon the title Noble Artright, retiring his long held alias.

Noble Artright is passionate about his family and his community. He currently resides in Atlanta, GA his wife and two daughter. Noble also works for a non-profit law firm whose goal is to end capital punishment as well as address systemic issues within the judicial system.

These life experiences seep into his art. The love, the joy, the growth, the spirituality, and the frustration with injustice. Acknowledging the validity of all these emotions, Noble Artright seeks to find balance. He rhymes with a deeper consciousness and understanding of the condition of his people. At the same time his art remains relatable. Utilizing parables and allegory he sprinkles nuggets of wisdom strategically designed for encouragement. Pulling from his upbringing, he aspires to uplift his people and teach by example. He is honest and intelligent and only time will tell the timelessness of his art.



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